Getting ready for installation

A Handy Checklist for a Smooth Installation Process

Installation Requirements

Please ensure a clean work area for our installers by following these instructions:

  • Move the range and the fridge out of the work area.
  • Cover the floor to protect it during the installation process.
  • Provide a clear entrance into the home.

Kindly note that Cabinets Plus will not be held responsible for any damages to appliances left in the work area. We appreciate your trust in Cabinets Plus for your project! Feel free to contact us via text or phone if you have any questions.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Before our visit to measure your cabinets for countertops, please complete the following tasks:

  • Secure and level the cabinets.
  • Remove existing countertops if you plan to reuse the cabinets.
  • Ensure that sinks are present on-site and in the intended installation room. If you do not have a sink, we can provide one for you. Please inform us in advance.
  • Have faucets on-site and in the same area where they will be installed. Text us the hole pattern for the faucet before our visit.
  • Decide if you need a soap dispenser or dishwasher air caps. Text us if you require additional holes for any extra items.
  • Install all farm sinks with the top of the sink flush with the top of the cabinet.
  • Have the cooktop on-site. If you do not have the cooktop, please provide us with the spec sheet containing the circled model number. This will allow us to measure your countertop specifically for your cooktop size.
  • Move all ranges out of the range area to enable us to measure the cabinets accurately.
  • Ensure the entrance to the home is clear.

Thank you for reviewing the checklist and preparing your job site for us. Keep us informed about the progress of your project and let us know in advance when you are ready for the countertops template.

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